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Conveyancing is about you.

You are here because you're looking for total transparency about how much your transaction will cost you.

But we know the process of buying and/or selling a property can be long and stressful, especially if both your sale and purchase need to be done at the same time. You don't know how long it is going to take.

You don't know what problems are going to arise.

You do know that you need a very good conveyancing solicitor.

We will only put you in contact with a solicitor we are confident will be on your side.

Confidence in the conveyancing process

Many conveyancers fail to appreciate the urgency that their clients need a transaction completing quickly. You may be in a rented property and need to complete by the end of next month to avoid another rental bill; or you may be under pressure from your buyer (or seller) to complete by a certain date.

We know it is vital to be in touch with a solicitor who understands your unique circumstances and needs and will go the extra mile to meet your requirements. You need a conveyancing expert who deals with you and your property matter as a person and not merely as a transaction.

So we help you get direct access to the best conveyancing solicitors.

We guarantee transparency

We offer competitive conveyancing quotes, and while not guaranteed to be the cheapest, we hold all our conveyancers to a high standard.

We consider where the property is located, the timescale you are looking to complete and other information that is vital to your transaction; then we give you a fair and reasonable quote for the right conveyancing solicitor do carry out the work for you.

And we guarantee no hidden costs: your tailored quote is fixed and transparent.

By using our simple and free interactive quote system at the top of this page you will know immediately how much your property transaction will cost, based on the information you give us. Our quote reflects the work involved in a high-quality conveyancing service that puts your individual needs first.

Our mission is to ensure you have absolutely confidence that the legal side of your sale and/or purchase or remortgage is carried out efficiently, effectively and at a reasonable price - without compromising on quality.

Let us help you get your property transaction off the ground quickly, whether it is a sale or purchase, or sale and purchase or a remortgage.

Why can't I just get conveyancing quotes direct from solicitors?

You can but your time is valuable.

Why waste that time looking for phone numbers, telephoning solicitors (with no guarantee someone is available to give you a quote), responding to the same questions every time, writing down the quotes given - then having to compare them all and decide which to opt for? And how do you decide which conveyancing quote to accept?

We cut this time-consuming task out for you. We give an instantaneous quote based on the details you give us.