How Works

It's simple!

  • We ask you some basic questions
  • You get a fixed quote
  • We phone you
  • You’re matched with the right conveyancing solicitor

We ask you some basic questions... such as what you want to do, where the property is, how many people are buying or selling the property, whether you're having a mortgage, and the property value.

You get an accurate fixed quote... reflecting the details you give us. There are no hidden fees or costs. If an issue arises during the legal work which needs additional time to resolve, your solicitor will talk to you first.

We phone you... to talk you through your options and answer any questions you have.

You're matched with the right conveyancing solicitor... our representatives will match you with a specialist solicitor or licensed conveyancer who can deal with the transaction on your behalf.

Am I under an obligation to use your conveyancing services?

No. Any conveyancing quote you receive is just that: a quote.

You do not have to speak to our representatives when they call if you decide to go elsewhere.

And when you talk with our representative, you're under absolutely no obligation to instruct the solicitor recommended to you. Our aim is simply to make the process of finding the best conveyancing solicitor at the right price easier for you.

Data protection

By entering your personal details, you consent to using the personal data you've provided to contact you to ensure you understand all aspects of the quote and that it meets your needs. We will not contact you about anything other than your property matter.

For more information on how we use your data please see our privacy policy.